What tends to make Penis Envy mushrooms so visually attention-grabbing?

For those who’ve ever regarded into the energy variations between every Psilocybin-containing mushroom pressure/selection, you’ve most likely heard of Penis Envy mushrooms. Most customers on mushrooms and associated locations on the net, for apparent causes, are conscious that the Penis Envy mushroom pressure is mostly penis-shaped and produces stronger results than the common Cubensis mushroom. Even RogerRabbit, a well-vetted Shroomery person, said that “Cubes are cubes, except PE.”

However why is that this the case? And the place did the primary Penis Envy mushroom seem? What distinguishes it from the others? Whereas the historical past of P.E. is mysterious and incomplete, we’ll contact on some attention-grabbing observations that can give the readers a way of all of the hype surrounding this explicit number of P. Cubensis.

Historical past

Mycologist John Allen as soon as really useful that the unique Penis Envy mushrooms had been found within the Amazon by Terrence and Dennis McKenna within the early Seventies. Hamilton Morris, a journalist who research intoxicants, additionally said that the unique specimen “was taller and thicker than something present in American soils” and “a monstrous Amazonian mushroom rising on the dung of native Zebu cattle.”

To find a penis-shaped mushroom, the McKenna brothers by no means confirmed that these statements had been fully factual. Terrence often talked about the mushroom’s masculine energies; you’d suppose he’d bear in mind a penis-shaped one. As a result of the McKenna brothers had many mushroom looking expeditions (together with just a few within the Amazon), it seems more likely that this fabled Amazonian spore pattern found by the Penis Envy is the offspring of the McKenna brothers (i.e., genetic).

In keeping with Hamilton Morris’ present concept, Steven Pollock, a pioneering Psilocybe Cubensis Mycologist, mailed among the unique Amazon prints from the McKennas and certain remoted it himself, giving rise to the Penis Envy mushroom pressure and penis molded mushroom.

Pollock allegedly despatched a spore print labeled “Penis” to a different mycologist and print vendor, Wealthy Gee, earlier than his premature demise!

Many individuals thought this penis-shaped mushroom had died out, however John Allen finally tracked down Wealthy Gee, promoting spore swabs (a sterile cotton swab wiped alongside the gills of a mushroom to gather spores) of Penis Envy. On the identical time, a Shroomery person claimed to have a print from Terrence McKenna’s assortment. This might have been as a consequence of some confusion about Wealthy Gee initially claiming he obtained the picture from the McKennas, however we don’t know for positive.


It’s unclear the place the unique Penis Envy spore pattern got here from, and the identify itself has no identified origin.SporesWorldwide has acquired a message from Wealthy Gee relating to the claims of John Allen (“Mushroom John,” or mushroomed on This provides one other twist to the already perplexing story of the P.E. mushroom. He writes,”

Jewel Stevens came visiting to my home to indicate me some Amazon mushrooms he had lately acquired. They had been stated to have are available a roundabout means from Terence McKenna. No person ever despatched me a bloody letter with spores in it.

The mushrooms I noticed had been dried and seemed to be anticipated. Jule Stevens grew the mushrooms in a hexagon plexiglass fish tank after I cultured the spores. There have been three distinct strains within the tank, two common and weird sufficient to catch my consideration.

Resemblance with penis

This pressure didn’t resemble a penis. The pressure was cultivated, and the mushrooms that sprouted had lengthy stems and enormous heads. I selected the biggest one, which additionally occurred to be the one with essentially the most blueing. The next generations started to resemble penises.

The largest and bluestone was cloned but once more. For a number of generations, essentially the most big and bluish mushrooms had been cloned, leading to giant penis-like mushrooms. There was no contact with McKenna, and we by no means met, so far as I do know.

I obtained a bag stuffed with mushrooms from a buddy who was rising Penis Envy to {photograph} them sooner or later. Jewel Stevens was relationship an unique dancer on the time, and after I stopped to see him, six dancers had been visiting his girlfriend.

They had been interested in what I had in my bag. “You don’t need to know,” I stated. They insisted, so I took a gallon zip lock from my bag and confirmed them the mushrooms. “Does anybody have Penis Envy?” I exclaimed. “They appear like donkey dongs!!!” shouted the dancers in unison. That’s the place the identify originated.

Penis Envy magic mushrooms’ results

Penis Envy delivers an intense and profound psychedelic journey as a result of it is without doubt one of the most potent magic mushroom strains globally when it comes to psychotropic potential. It’s identified within the psychedelic neighborhood to supply a extremely immersive psychedelic expertise that features intense euphoria and euphoric discovery, profound philosophical concepts, excessive psychological readability, large pleasure, and a singular perspective on private points. It has additionally been proven to induce emotions of contentment and leisure in some individuals.

Penis Envy Mushrooms: How you can Eat Them

Penis Envy cubensis, like many different magical mushroom species and strains, may be consumed in a wide range of methods. Listed below are 5 alternative ways to devour Penis Envy magic mushrooms:

  • Swallow and chew

One of the vital frequent strategies of consuming Penis Envy is to chew it completely, enable all the juices to come back out, and swallow it. When Penis Envy is completed on this method, it sometimes takes 45 minutes for its results to take impact; nevertheless, that is extremely dependent in your abdomen content material the much less you eat earlier than, the higher!

  • Take it as a cup of tea

Penis Envy will also be loved as a cup of tea, which is a superb solution to devour this potent psychedelic. Consuming magic mushroom tea as a substitute of consuming dried mushrooms entire has rapidly change into a well-liked and extremely really useful methodology of consumption. For those who’ve ever eaten psilocybin mushrooms, what I’m speaking about.

Ultimate Thought

Mushroom John has advised many tales about Penis Envy, however none are correct and principally made up by his creativeness.Unbelievable! We could lastly clarify the origin of the Penis Envy mushroom’s identify and the way handy its naming corresponds to its Freudian inspiration.

Though the air across the Penis Envy mushroom pressure is murky, I consider we may be positive of some issues. To start with, it’s fairly unbelievable to suppose that any of the legends talked about above had something to do with this extremely sought-after P. Cubensis pressure/selection.

Moreover, no matter occurred to the Penis Envy, genetics alongside the best way made them a lot stronger than the common Cubensis mushroom, in addition to formed like a penis. It’s very trippy! No matter mushroom alchemy occurred right here, I consider it was of the best caliber! This one-of-a-kind pressure of Psilocybin Cubensis will undoubtedly go down in mycology historical past.

Lastly, You possibly can know extra about this and store as effectively from right here Fungus head.