Early signs of aging

Beauty is timeless, admittedly. However, we all also want to look youthful, and to have supple and smooth skin, without the fine lines and wrinkles.

But it’s easier said than done. A lot hinges our practices through the youth. We flout through our twenties, fearless and bullet proof. It is when time gradually passes that we realize the fault of our ways.

It is therefore very important to have a more robust plan with regards to our skincare. It needs to start off early on, which is possible only when we are able to recognize the signs of aging.

While often it is suggested that your antiaging game be started in your mid-twenties, for which you can confer with a Skin specialist in Lahore,  you can still however make a change after observing the following signs of aging:

Dull skin

Glowing complexion is also more common to youthful skin. Therefore, a sign of aging is dullness in the skin. This is also promoted due to the loss of moisture in the skin. One reason for there to be drop in moisture is due to age.

However, it can also be due to poor moisturizing practices. The more you deprive your skin from the essential hydration, the more you perpetual the problem of dull skin.

Furthermore, dull skin is also promoted by the decelerated cell turnover, due to which the dead and aged cells pile on top of the surface of the skin, leading to the skin becoming dull.


Sun is essential to life. But it also leads to damage in the skin as well. Sunlight contains dangerous UV radiation, that harms the skin and, also promotes the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

One way to identify Sun-induced aging is by the appearance of sunspots. These appear as hyperpigmentation, and very light freckles, that may not even be apparent at first. However, time, they may increase in intensity and, also affect greater region of the face.

Fine lines

Call them laugh lines or crow’s feet, but you will start to notice these very subtle fine lines, that then become more pronounced over time. You will notice them especially once your makeup starts to settle into these lines.

Formation of wrinkles happens due to the weakening of the elastin and collagen fibers in the skin, due to which skin is not able to be held taut enough.

Uneven complexion

A lot of people complain about uneven complexion, but only very few realize that it may be one of the signs of premature aging, and that is what you need to target.

The unevenness results from some parts of the skin to hold onto the melanin –the pigment that gives skin its color. Thus, parts with more melanin show as darker spots, and those otherwise appear lighter. The consequent patchwork leads to the skin looking aged.

Texture on the skin

Another sign of premature aging of the skin is appearance of texture. As the skin ages, the cell turnover becomes slower. The dead skin cells then pile over the skin. Moreover, lack of moisture in the skin also then promotes the texture on the skin.

Undereye puffiness and dark circles

A sign of aging that often goes unnoticed is puffy eye. The area under the eyes has thin skin, which is why this region is very delicate. With age, the skin becomes even thinner, and hence the dark circles become even more apparent.

Moreover, the thinning of the skin also makes the undereye region look puffier as well.

Drooping skin

An obvious sign of aging is the drooping of the skin, due to the dearth of collagen and elastin. Since these proteins facilitate in the skin being held taut, lack thereof causes the skin to drop.

You can confer with your doctor via if you want to pump elastin and collagen in your skin.