What Low Vision Clinic Can Do For You: A Guide to Eye Care

The Low Vision Clinic can help people improve vision. You may have a low vision issue if you have a blind spot, poor night-time vision, or glare. It is important to find ways to work with your limited sight. The Low Vision Clinic provides patients with strategies and devices that could assist them.

What is the Low Vision Clinic?

At The Clinic, you will be evaluated by a team of medical experts. A registered nurse or a physician will do a vision screening. A physician will take care of any vision issues that may be present. A medical technician or two can also help you with various eye exams. The Low Vision Clinic could be your only option if your sight loss is severe. The team can help you apply patches to glasses to treat your vision loss. A visual therapist can also help you develop a strategy to improve your vision. What can you do for your sight? There are many ways to improve your sight. Some of them include: Raising your visual acuity. Clinic could help you with this. It may help improve your ability to see in low light or difficult conditions.

Types of Low Vision Problems

Common low vision problems include: Blind Spot- a condition where the patient can’t see things in the blind spot. It is often called “No Visibility.” Impaired Night Vision- the patient is unable to see at night. The low-light vision problems can make it hard to work, drive, cook, or shop. Glare– the patient is unable to see objects clearly with glare. The glare comes from people or objects in the way. It can even make it difficult to read. Poor Night Vision- the patient has low vision when he or she is reading. The issue may affect reading or writing or could make night driving difficult. Crowds- a person can lose low-vision if they are outside in crowds. The low-vision can occur when there are too many people around. Can you help yourself?

What The Low Vision Clinic can do for you

Patients with low vision can use the Low Vision Clinic to improve their vision. Clinic has an expert ophthalmologist who can assist with your diagnosis and provide recommendations to help you get to where you want to go with your vision. The Low Vision Clinic focuses on the following areas: How to cope with my low vision What is low vision? What do I need to do to improve my low vision. Clinic recommends the following tips to help you with your low vision: Limit screen time. It is good to limit or avoid the use of your computer, tablet, television, and other electronic devices in the evening or at night. Practice reading glasses. It is recommended that you always wear your glasses or contact lenses when you are reading or using a computer.

How to find a low vision clinic near you

If you are new to low vision issues, you may not have many to choose from. You may want to find a clinic that has several doctors and also a nurse who can help you along with low vision care. You can visit the website at the Good Samaritan Center. They have a low vision clinic that they can refer you to. What to expect when visiting the clinic If you are having a low vision issue, you will be told what you should expect. If you have a remote possibility of blindness, you will be given a visual field test. A visual field test will determine your chances of being legally blind. Also, you will be shown what a good diet and exercises can do to help improve your eyesight.

What can you expect from a low vision exam?

Visually impaired people usually go to the doctor once their vision starts to go. A low vision exam gives you an idea of your vision status. The doctor should ask you to perform eye movements and identify certain shapes. For example, she could ask you to name the shape of an elephant. He should also test your vision before and after activities. He may ask you to compare your new and old images. He may recommend the use of visual aids. For people with vision impairment, an ophthalmologist can recommend treatments. For instance, you may need reading glasses to see smaller print. You may also need glaucoma therapy to lower your eye pressure. When your doctor prescribes glaucoma therapy, he will tell you how you will perform tasks with and without the therapy.


Due to the fast growth in the world, unfortunately, a large number of people who need help with their vision get left behind. What may seem like a minor issue can eventually lead to vision loss. So, it is important to go to a Low Vision Clinic if you have a vision problem. In the meantime, have a great day!